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Whether a wedding, birthday or religious holiday, aatego are here to design and create the perfect website to compliment your special day. Take away the stress of sending out countless update emails or creating your own website, just tell us what you want, and we’ll create the perfect site in your image.

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Here at aatego we pride ourselves on creating celebration websites that are personal to our clients and their special day. We take away the restrictive nature of a “self-made website builder” and create the website of your dreams, designed with exactly what YOU want.


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When our founder, Liv, was building her wedding website it occurred to her how difficult the process must be for those who do not build websites for a living, this is what gave her the idea for aatego. The company was founded for the purpose of taking the stress out of celebration planning, and hence the 3 steps were developed, ensuring the design & build process was quick and easy for our clients.

The Perfect Website for the perfect event.

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